8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Professional Logo
By Mark Combs
First impressions is sometimes the only chance we get. Honestly, we all do it. Everyone of us makes split second judgments on our first glimpse of people and even companies.
If you were to receive a job application or resumé that was wrinkled, dirty, mis-spelled, or torn. You probably wouldn’t choose to interview that candidate, no matter what their qualifications were. You most likely would gravitate to applicants with more professional resumes. Even qualified job seekers that interview well rely on first impressions, and so should you. The image you portray gives potential customers, vendors, suppliers and partners an impression of your company. Is it a good one? They just like everyone else will make quick decisions about whether to do business with you based, at least partially, on how professional you appear to them at first glance. The same way you would pass over the sloppy job applicant, customers could pass on you and your company and do business with someone else.
A good logo is about your first impression, but it is so much more. The ramifications of a poor corporate image can effect your company for a long time. Lets look at eight ways a professional looking logo can help your business.
Customer Attraction
A good simple logo, that is easy to read, tends to stick in your customer’s mind. Then they will remember you more easily when they need what you offer.

Trust Factor
A logo that gives you a professional image builds trust with your potential customers. If they sense that you are serious about your work, and conduct your business in a professional manner, they are more comfortable doing business with you.

One of the biggest jobs of your logo is to be recognizable. If your logo blends into your section of the phone book, it’s time to create a logo that stands out of the crowd.

Your current customers are counting on your logo. They know to look for your mark on everything you do, that is how they know it’s quality. If your logo is forgettable and seldom used, you customers are left wondering.

You Mean Business
A professional looking logo conveys to customers that you are serious about your business enough to invest in it, and they in turn should feel safe enough to invest in it too. Professionalism not only conveys confidence, it instills it.

A good logo can tell customers what you do and who you are. The colors, type choice, and visual gives clients at least a glimpse of what you can do for them.

A strong logo helps your customers see you in their mind. Your symbol or typeface can help customers remember who you are and how you helped them with a problem or need. A professional logo sticks in their mind easier than a bland run of the mill logo that looks like everyone else’s.

Internal Boost
Your employees want to be proud of where they work. They want to wear the company logo with pride. Without a positive company image, it gets tougher and tougher to help them be proud of your company.

There are a lot of reasons to have a professional looking logo for your company, these are just a few. There are tons more, the least of which is we love designing logos. It’s our favorite thing to do. Some days it beats out sleeping and eating. If you are unsure if your logo puts you in a good light, just ask. We are glad to help you figure out your corporate image without effecting you profit and loss statement.